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Always on the lookout for new trends in the consumption of cosmetic products and treatments to ensure that we’re always one step ahead of market expectations, our laboratory has been able to look ahead, and now has strong expertise in the bespoke development of cosmetic products that can be personalised by the end user.

Cosmetic personalisation is the focus of new demand from increasingly exacting consumers who want to use products tailored to their needs by choosing and combining the texture type and ingredients that suit them best.

We’re already producing this new type of cosmetics product for many different brands.
Thus, thanks to our know-how and market-leading expertise, Pôle Cosmétique can help you create your own range of personalised cosmetic products.
Skincare, body care, hair care, and even dental care; all types of products can now be developed and designed as personalised cosmetics.

Personalised cosmetics: users guide

There are a number of ways to create your own range of personalised cosmetics so you can ensure you’re in perfect balance with evolving trends and the consumption patterns of your target market.

We can help you develop every element of your personalised product range. These include various different base types, a large choice of active ingredients as well as fragrances and even colourants that your customers can choose from and then mix to create a product that best suits their needs and is exactly to their liking.

We can also help you develop organic personalised cosmetic ranges and ranges made with natural ingredients.

Your personalised kits must include instructions, particularly as regards the ratios and quantities of product types to be mixed to ensure consumer safety and meet the regulatory requirements of the cosmetics market.

Pôle Cosmétique, as a real expert in the field, can write your instruction manuals for you and fulfill all regulatory requirements associated with this new type of cosmetic product.

Personalisation can be offered in single doses or larger containers, with the products chosen being mixed in a mixing bowl, pipettes, ampoules or syringes etc…

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Do you have a project ?

Want to develop your own range of personalised cosmetic products?

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll suggest the ideal formula and the optimal way for you to offer your customers a personalised cosmetics experience based on your idea.

Our team of technical sales specialists, project managers, and expert personalised cosmetics formulators are here to advise and guide you.

Our laboratory offers all types of galenics for your personalised bases, a multitude of active ingredients with proven effectiveness, as well as classic or personalised fragrances and colours, with or without alcohol, and of either natural or synthetic origin.

In addition to manufacturing your products in our production facilities, we can also provide all materials needed for your personalisation kits and produce all of your packaging.

Finally, our regulatory department can create and approve all regulatory dossiers required to get your personalised cosmetic kits to market.

As you can see, Pôle Cosmétique is a real partner and a one-stop point of contact, supporting you through A to Z and providing you with the highest quality to ensure the total satisfaction of your future users.


Do you have a project ?


Do you have a project ?