Pôle Cosmétique will take care of regulatory procedures on your behalf

Cosmetic product creation and the importing of cosmetic products from a non-Member State are subject to a set of strict and complex laws. Similarly, organic certification entails a number of strict regulations
Pôle Cosmétique offers many solutions if you do not possess the regulatory knowledge or the legal qualifications required to carry out such an undertaking:

  • Pôle Cosmétique can train, assist and advise you,
  • Pôle Cosmétique can also take care of all these regulatory procedures while manufacturing under your brand,
  • Pôle Cosmétique also offers ongoing regulatory monitoring.

Pôle Cosmétique can take care of :

  • Human health risk product assessments,
  • Product Information File updates,
  • Label creation in compliance with these requirements.

Thus giving you more time to focus on other key aspects of your project, such as developing your sales and marketing strategies.

Portrait of big factory process of creating lotion for skincare. Researcher holding container under big metal tube pouring beauty cream isolated over working process at factory and many containers

Launching a cosmetic product on the market

No prior authorisation is required to launch a cosmetic product on the French or European markets. However, the Responsible Person of market launch must ensure that the product is safe for human health and meets legislative and regulatory requirements.

Launching your cosmetic product therefore requires:

  • Notification of the Poison Control Centres, now possible via the new European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP),
  • The creation of a Product Information File (PIF) (Article R. 5131-2 of the Public Health Code) which must be kept at the address indicated on the label,
  • The regular updating of this Product Information File,
  • The inclusion of mandatory label information.

Pôle Cosmétique prepares cosmetic Product Information Files following the new European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009, which has replaced the cosmetics directive 76/768/EEC since 11 July 2013.


Do you have a project ?


Do you have a project ?