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Why choose a full-service cosmetics laboratory?

You want to launch your own brand of cosmetic products but know you can’t just make it up as you go along: the regulations are rigorous and products must comply with strict standards. By working with a full-service subcontractor, you can ensure you produce and market custom cosmetics products in full compliance with the legislation. Let’s look at the main advantages of entrusting your manufacturing to a multidisciplinary cosmetics laboratory.

It costs less

By subcontracting every step in the manufacture of your cosmetics product, from design to production, you can work with a single and experienced point of contact, which will help you save on:

  • Equipment: as everything’s on-site, you don’t need to find manufacturing and packaging facilities.
  • Management and staff costs,
  • Production costs: products can be manufactured in batches of quantities determined by your budget, so there’s no need to commit to producing large series from the offset, in order to benefit from economies of scale.

Controlling all of these costs allows you to launch your business with minimal stress and follow its growth curve more effectively.

You can be sure to produce compliant, high quality products

Depending on what you want to manufacture, formulations can vary, standards may differ, and some products require specific certifications. It’s not always easy to find your way around! To be sure of producing high quality items, whether organic, natural, or containing rare ingredients with specific benefits…, nothing compares to the knowledge of a cosmetic product expert who can tell you exactly what steps need to be taken to manufacture quality products, rigorously in line with your specifications.
Working with a cosmetic subcontractor, can also bring your greater peace of mind.
At Pôle Cosmétique, our laboratory is GMP compliant, meaning it respects the Good Manufacturing Practices currently in place.

You will enjoy expertise and support that is 100% personalised.

At Pôle Cosmétique, we listen to what you tell us so we can produce high quality products that are 100% personalised and compliant, as quickly as possible and within your budget.
Thanks to our versatile and multidisciplinary know-how, we bring real expertise to every stage of the production process, so we can adapt to your sector’s demands and give you the best possible support by providing specific knowledge when required.

You increase your productivity

By outsourcing your manufacturing to a full-service laboratory, you have everything at hand for quicker, more efficient production. This solution also gives you a great flexibility, especially during periods of excess activity or if your products are subject to high seasonality (sun protection products for example).

You can focus on your core business

By outsourcing production to a full-service sub-contractor, you can fully focus on developing your marketing strategy. And knowing that your laboratory partner can guarantee a quality product, means you don’t have to spread yourself too thinly. Thus, you can focus on your core business by developing a relevant catalogue, building customer loyalty, conquering new markets, finding innovative products, establishing your reputation, or building your brand image with the general public and your business partners.


Do you have a project ?

Do you have a project ?